Predict battery performance in various
real-life scenarios with oorja

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Design safer and more reliable batteries with
predictable performance under diverse operating conditions

How Battery Packs work today

Present battery optimization approach is hugely time and data intensive, taking up to a year
and a half, and is prone to errors.

Parameter extraction is tedious and expensive

Requires a significant amount of data

Physics-based modelling is used, which slows down design cycles

OEMs spend up to 2 years validating battery chemistry and thermal management

Significant costs are incurred in hardware, time, and on experts

Inaccurate results lead to product design errors, accidents, and loss of consumer confidence

Expensive software and hardware required

Expensive and Perpetual Machine locked licenses required

How oorja Works

Capacity Fade App

Quickly estimate SOH at the cell and pack level for user drive cycles and ambient conditions

Thermal Management App

Perform pack-level thermal analysis to optimize pack design, and cooling mechanism and increase life-span of the battery

Drive Cycle Current Generation App

Convert a traditional drive cycle (velocity vs. time) into a usable (current vs time) drive cycle and predict vehicle range.

Thermal Runaway App

Perform thermal runaway initiation and propagation studies to identify propagation speed and design mitigation strategies


Businesses are enabled through intelligent design to prevent battery explosions and adhere to government regulations


Businesses can estimate battery life for various use cases, and decide on choice of cooling strategy to optimize warranty


Businesses can arrive at an optimal fast charging strategy enhancing UX, without damaging battery


Businesses can optimize pack configuration before prototyping to ensure power and energy requirements are met

No parameter extraction required.

Uses easily accessible data.

Applies a revolutionary Hybrid Model.

If cost could be compared to trees, we would be guilty of deforestation. In other words, cuts costs by 95%.

Incredibly quick and accurate results within a margin of 5% leading to safer and longer lasting batteries.

No Installation or Experts Needed.

A month and a half is all it takes for the battery pack to be rolled out.

Unique SaaS Model