Solving the Thermal Runaway Conundrum in EV Batteries

According to a survey by CarTrade Tech on barriers to two wheeler EV adoption in India, 45% of respondents said newspaper articles on EVs catching fire was the biggest deterrent to them buying an EV. This isn’t surprising given that thermal runaway(TR) is currently the most critical safety challenge in the adoption of EVs, especially […]

Predicting Battery Capacity Fade Quickly and Accurately

As battery-driven electric vehicles come into the mainstream, predicting battery longevity becomes critical for various reasons. The battery pack is typically the single most expensive component of an EV, currently ranging anywhere between 30% to 40% of the total cost. In order to instil customer confidence, it is imperative that manufacturers provide lengthy warranties for […]

How accurate are our results?

The proof of the pudding: How accurate are our results? When we created the back-end code for the thermal management app, we worked to solve for multiple mathematical and physical models. It was a complex process since it involved operations at both the cell and module levels. While we had faith in our approach, the […]